Call Your member of Congress and tell them to expel all fascists

A banner in DC reads "Expel all Fascists" with the US Capitol in the background
Sue Dorfman ZUMA press

Last January, right after the insurrection, Rep. Bush introduced a resolution calling on Ethics Committee to investigate and report on whether any and all actions taken by Members of Congress to overturn the 2020 Presidential election violated their oath of office, and -- if so instruct them to face sanction, up to and including removal from the House of Representatives.

In the aftermath of the violent coup attempt at the Capitol, the idea was popular — 54 members of the House cosponsored Rep Bush's bill, and in the Senate, progressive leaders like Sen Sherrod Brown and Sen Sheldon Whitehouse argued that Republican insurrectionists like Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz should resign or be expelled.

But in the months since, Congressional leadership has chosen to try and work with Republicans; President Biden has taken a conciliatory tone toward fascists, and the big fossil fuel corporations that fund them; And the Department of Justice has slow-walked recommendations to investigate and prosecute the leaders of the January 6 insurrection, focussing on mob violence, instead of the ringleaders.

It's been a year, and fossil fueled fascists in congress have faced more consequences from Twitter than they have from their elected colleagues.

As John Nichols lays out in a persuasive Nation article this week, Rep. Bush's resolution is the best opportunity for Congress to hold insurrectionists in their midsts accountable.

If your member of Congress is a Democrat, they should cosponsor Rep Bush's resolution and make a statement supporting it today. If your member of Congress is a Republican, or supported the insurrection, you should still call them and tell them you're supporting this bill to investigate and expel members of congress who supported the attempted coup — Rep. Bush's bill can be passed by a simple majority, and every call and it of pressure helps.

After you call we'll give you contact information for Speaker Pelosi and other resources.

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