2024 Solidarity Income Based Dues Drive National Phonebanks

Let's socialize Solidarity Dues! We're asking members to contribute 1% of your income to DSA as Solidarity Dues. This is common in working class organizations like unions, and it helps ensure we have the collective, democratic power to keep building our sustainability and win real change.

We kicked off our Solidarity Dues drive at the 2023 Convention. After calling convention delegates, our next step is to follow up with members in good standing across the org to commit to Solidarity Dues. We'll start the phonebanks with a short training so that everyone feels comfortable putting the script into their own words and knows how to use the dialer.

Join us for the call-a-thon on Tuesdays and Sundays, every other week!

Of course, sign up for solidarity dues at dsausa.us/solidaritydues