Voter Registration and Having Fun in Maine


Maine Dems need our help to defeat Susan Collins in 2020.

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What is canvassing?

Canvassing involves knocking on doors in an assigned neighborhood (or “turf”) to gather information from pre-identified registered voters. Canvassers follow a script and enter people’s responses in an app on their cell phones called MiniVan.  

Why are the Maine Dems already canvassing?

This summer is a great time to gauge the strength of voters’ support for Susan Collins and her Democratic opponent and to identify the issues Mainers care about most. This information will help shape the strategy for defeating Collins.

Do I need experience?

No experience is needed, but you should bring a smart phone. At each of the scheduled events, a canvass captain will help you get started. You will have a chance to review the script, familiarize yourself with your turf, and practice using the canvassing tool on your phone.  

Do I need a car to canvass?

It helps to have 2-3 people per car. Depending on the density of the neighborhood, you can park the car and everyone can canvass, or the driver can and stay with the car while the passengers canvass.

What if I want to Register Voters?

We plan to make regular trips on weekdays to voter registration "hot spots" -- places where people go in the course of their everyday lives - colleges, shopping malls, courthouses, libraries, etc. Our mission on our first few trips will be to identify the best hot spots in Southern Maine so that we can return to them often and register a whole new group of voters.

Does canvassing or Voter Registration take all day?

No. You can complete a canvass in 3-4 hours and leave plenty of time to visit the beach, go shopping, or explore one of southern Maine’s picturesque towns. Make a day trip of it!

I can’t make any of the scheduled canvasses. Can I go up on my own?

Yes! You’re welcome to go on your own individually or to organize a group, but please take time in advance to familiarize yourself with the script and MiniVan. Please contact Cooper Reed at for more information about canvassing independently.