EBAA Virtual Phonebanks for Wisconsin Democrats


On April 7th Judge Karofsky is up against the conservative incumbent, Judge Kelly who is likely to press forward with the purge of 235,000 voters before Nov 2020. If Karofsky wins, she will align with the liberal judges and this purge is likely to be halted. This is a 10 year term so it effects all the issues on the docket from voting rights, to redistricting to abortion rights and so on. Additionally, some pundits think that the path to the White House hinges on WI - we need those voters to be able to vote in Nov!

Check out Judge Karofsky here: jillforjustice.com

Deadline for Wisconsin voter to request mail-in ballots has just been extended until MARCH 30.   Please join us and spread the word about the events listed on the right. Note there are options for virtual phone banks as well as independent calling on your own time.  Help us in the Get Out the Mail-in Votes campaign this week!!  

You will need a phone and either a computer or tablet, although some are able to do it all from their phone. If you are experienced and want to call on your own, contact EBAAphonebank@gmail.com.

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