End Period Poverty in Schools!

PERIOD is fighting to end period poverty and the period stigma. We believe that menstrual hygiene is a right, not a privilege -- that every person should be able to discover and reach their full potential, regardless of a natural need. Lack of access to menstrual products can create a barrier to equal opportunity in education -- even causing students with periods to miss or be late to class, or feel anxious about their period care. PERIODS ARE NATURAL, AND PERIOD PRODUCTS SHOULD BE FREE AND ACCESSIBLE FOR ALL STUDENTS.

In 2018, PERIOD and THINX partnered to launch the #UnitedForAccess campaign, helping our PERIOD chapters fight to get period products in their schools and school districts. PERIOD has already seen successes in Portland Public Schools, Ohio State University, UC Davis, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, Harvard, and more! Earlier this year, we went to the Department of Education to take our fight to end period poverty to the national level, and now PERIOD is calling on Congress to join us.

We demand that the Department of Education acknowledge period products as necessities, advocate for policies that support students who menstruate, and make period products free and accessible for all public school restrooms. Before we can effect systemic change through legislation, we need to know the magnitude of this issue. We are asking the Department of Education to commission a study to determine the impact period poverty has on students in the United States.

Join our fight to end period poverty by taking one of these actions:
  • ACTION 1: Tell your US Senators and Representatives to join us in asking for the study on period poverty in schools! Click "Involve Your US Senators and Representatives" box for next steps.
  • ACTION 2: Click the "Sign our national petition" box to tell to the Department of Education to end period poverty.   We're halfway to 100,000 signatures!
  • ACTION 3:  Work in your community to get period products in schools.  Visit https://www.period.org/end-period-poverty or email info@period.org to learn how.

Learn about other ways to get involved by visiting period.org.