Gearing up for the 2023 Legislative Session with Muslim Women For

The NC General Assembly has kicked off their 2023 Legislative session! Legislative Session is a period of time when state representatives who we’ve elected to office come together to introduce and pass laws on issues that impact our daily lives. Muslim Women For is committed to keeping our community informed and engaged about legislation that lawmakers are introducing in North Carolina.

We have the power to make sure our representatives pass laws that protect our rights and keep us safe. You can help us advocate and fight for issues that are important to our community like immigration, reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy, gender justice, community investment, and so much more!

Our Vision & What We are Fighting For

We are dreaming ourselves into a world where our communities have an abundance of resources and power to make sustainable and liberating decisions. We are dreaming ourselves into building communities where we feel safe, loved, and economically, emotionally, and spiritually liberated.

Policy Priorities

1. Reproductive Freedom, Gender Justice, & Bodily Autonomy

Our right and access to make decisions over our body, health, and care are sacred and should be protected. Our state should not serve to limit or criminalize our health care decisions, which we often make based on our own individual circumstances and in consultation with our providers and people we trust. We know what’s best for us.

Muslim Women For will work to protect and advance policies in NC that support our community with what they need to care for their children and families, have access to accurate and decolonized sexual and reproductive health education and services

2. Immigrants’ Justice

Anti-immigrant policies passed by our state and local governments are designed to harm Black, Brown, and Muslim bodies, put our immigrant communities in constant fear and panic, and break our families apart.

Muslim Women For will mobilize our supporters and community members against anti-immigrant policies introduced by the General Assembly that seek to increase the state-based surveillance, place more of our people in prison and detention centers, and put our immigrant communities and their families at risk of deportation.

3. Voting Rights

Muslim Women For will work toward protecting and strengthening the voting rights and access of Muslims across the state. We will fight against proposed legislation that intends on creating barriers to cast a ballot like cutting early voting, requiring an ID to vote, and shutting down polling sites.  

4. Community Investment and Safety

Muslim Women For will work in coalition with impacted people and organizations across the state to shift state and local budgets to invest in schools, equitable education, food accessibility, affordable housing, shelters, community-led living for disability communities, and community driven avenues to safety for Muslim and BIPOC communities.

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