Tamir's Campaign for Justice

Because Trump’s DOJ did not honestly investigate Tamir’s death, we are calling on youth, African-Americans, and all U.S. workers to join the fight with Samaria Rice in securing the promise of the U.S. constitution to defend Tamir’s civil and human rights, and hold the officers who shot him accountable. We are urging Biden’s DOJ and the House Judiciary Committee to reopen the investigation immediately. With the help of powerful allies, we have launched a letter and call campaign that you can join here, and we will continue to build on that momentum until justice is won.

We have also launched a second initiative seeking to end the corrupting influence of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association in Cleveland politics. You can support our questionnaire to candidates for office in Cuyahoga County here as well.

Lastly, if you would like to volunteer with the campaign on a more regular basis, please sign up with us and we will schedule a 1-to-1 introductory meeting.

Your activism and solidarity with Samaria Rice is critical to winning convictions of the officers who took 12-year-old Tamir from this Earth. Together we will end police impunity for anti-Black violence in the United States.

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