Charlottesville Resistance of August 2018 - CVille, DC, and Solidarity Actions



As we near the anniversary of August 11-12 in Charlottesville, we are creating a map to help others find the best way to plug in. This map is for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY as the organizers setting up this page are not directly coordinating the mobilization. While logistics and resources are in your hands, we are happy to connect you with others or guide you for the best and safest event possible.

This will be a time of mourning, celebration, resistance, and dismantling the extensive roots of white supremacy, capitalism, patriarchy, and all forms of state-sponsored oppression. Join a local event or host a solidarity event in your area if one of these resonates with you:

  • Expose fascists' sleazy attempts at recruiting and stop their organizing dead in its tracks

  • Call out the police's active participation in the murder of black people and complicity in white supremacist movements

  • Support community growth that recognizes indigenous land, dismantles gender constructs and norms, refutes national borders, ends sexual assault, and provides for self-determination in housing, food, health, and safety

  • Show up with marginalized communities in their centuries-long struggles for dignity

  • Move beyond electoral politics and towards self-reliant grassroots movements that stay strong regardless of which party is in office

  • Amplify the demands of the formerly and currently incarcerated to break down dehumanizing cages

The Charlottesville Resistance of August 2018 will look like all of these struggles combined and we hope you join, whether in person or in solidarity. Submit your event so it can show up in the map and others may join. Here are the guidelines for events:

  • Minimum information: Name of event, time, location, means to contact

  • Preferable information: event page, group name, local connection (if outsider), picture/flyer

  • Respect tactics chosen by all event organizers, as well as their chosen time and space

  • However, don't hesitate to reach out across organized events for questions and coordination

  • Remember basic security culture practices:

  • Most activities will happen the weekend of August 10-12 but events don’t have to be limited to those dates

  • Think creatively to organize outside of standard marches/rallies – maintain accessible means of participation where possible

  • We will not publish any events that prop up electoral candidates or state figures (including the police)

  • Respect the fact that, whatever happens, Charlottesville residents will still be here after all events are “done” – maintain communication with locals where possible and be respectful of local struggles

Any questions or submissions (outside of the form) can be sent to .

See you in the struggle ❤️