Resist Trump! Join an Emergency Community Meeting

We’re calling for nationwide Emergency Community Meetings in every city and town in America to bring together friends, family and neighbors to start organizing for the future. These meetings will be held across the country starting November 23 through December 14th.

Find a meeting in your area or create your own event using the form. If you volunteer to host a meeting, we will provide you with guidelines and support. If you don't see a meeting yet to attend, click here to stay connected on Facebook and get updates when new events are added.

This election has shaken us to our core. Millions of Americans are feeling desperate to find ways to get involved. We need to show the whole political establishment that there is a massive progressive force that will fight against Trump’s extreme agenda of greed and hate every step of the way — and build an America that works for all of us.

The Emergency Community Meetings are endorsed by:  ·  AllofUs  ·  Common Defense  ·  MPower Change  ·  Working Families Party ·  Center for Popular Democracy  ·  Courage Campaign  ·  #Our100  ·  Iraq Veterans Against War ·  Friends of the Earth ·  CODEPINK ·  Public Citizen

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