The People’s School Board Town Hall Watch Parties: Building a People’s Vision for Our Schools

After 16 years, parents, students and educators from across the city won the fight to get our schools back. We’ve made a huge step forward towards quality schools -- but we know that to get true justice in our schools, we will all need to fight. Now, as a new school board is set to be appointed, we all -- parents, student, educators -- must collectively envision what needs to happen for our schools. What should our next school board prioritize and fight for? After leading the campaign to abolish the state-controlled School Reform Commission , the Our City Our Schools coalition has put together the People’s School Board slate -- a group of parents, students and educators who are ready to lead our schools in a new direction.

Join us on Wednesday January 31st at 6:30PM for the People’s School Board Town Hall, where we discuss together who should be on our next school board and what our new school board needs to fight for in the next year. Our work is nowhere near done. From school funding to the school-to-prison pipeline, we need to  prepare to fight in the next year for a school board that works for us.

To ensure that voices will be heard from across the city, we will be livestreaming the main event over Facebook and encouraging people to host watch parties across the city. To the right of this page, you can either RSVP to attend an event or sign up to host a watch party!