"Knock" Ford Out

hand knocking on door on the left with "Knock Ford Out" and the OVC logo in front of an explosion graphic

Ontario Voters Coalition is organizing canvassing groups in key ridings to "knock" Ford out, one door at a time, and elect a new, responsible and progressive government in June.

Knock doors with us and let voters know that we have achievable options for better government in Ontario. We'll talk about what matters to us as we go about our daily lives and provide information on the candidate or party that will listen to us and enact policies that actually help us do better.

We can't let Ford have another 4 years of our lives! Find a canvassing event near your or sign up to be the contact person ("host") for one!

When you "Click To Host" you'll see a short description of what hosting means before you sign up.

Once you have created an event, it is tentatively set until we contact you directly. We'll ensure that you have the resources you need and understand OVC's deep canvassing style. Once that's done, you can begin advertising your event!

Previous election results in our target ridings show that it only takes a higher voter turnout or a few more votes to swing the election away from Conservatives. Don't see your riding on the target list? No problem! Create a canvassing event for your area and steer voters towards progressive candidates!

NOTE: We are a registered third-party and comply with all applicable Elections Ontario regulations.

Need help filling out this page? Email connect@ontariovoterscoalition.ca and we'll get back to you ASAP!

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