Resist with Quist: Phone Bank House Party

Right now, Montanans are voting in a special House election on May 25th to replace Republican Ryan Zinke, who joined the Trump administration. Democrat Rob Quist has an incredible chance to win this special election and flip our first House seat, but it’s going to come down to the wire. Republicans are pouring money into this race.

We’re going to out-organize them. Swing Left is partnering with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC),, Flippable, and Democracy for America (DFA)  to launch a series of Special Election House Parties. Starting on May 17th, we’re asking volunteers to get their friends and neighbors together and make calls to Montana voters to help make sure people cast their ballots.

Attend a House Party
  • Find a house party happening near you. Enter your zip code in the top right corner of this page. If all the events in your area are full, consider hosting one yourself!

Host a House Party

  • Click the "Click to Host" button if you'd like to host your own event. Don’t worry if you’ve never done anything like this before. We’ll give you everything you need to host a successful gathering.

  • You can host whenever it is convenient for you, but we strongly encourage you to pick one of the dates and time slots below (the more people we have calling into the online phone banking tool as the same time, the better it works!):
    • Wednesday, May 17th 6pm - 9pm (Mountain Time)
    • Saturday, May 20th 2pm - 5pm (Mountain Time)
    • Sunday, May 21st 6pm - 9pm (Mountain Time)

Your conversations with voters in Montana could mean the difference between a win and a loss on May 25th. They help bolster the campaign’s capacity to reach out to critical swing voters and get Democratic voters the information they need to turn out on election day.  

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