National Popular Vote Interstate Compact Action!

After ratification by enough states to total 370 electoral votes, The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact would allow the president to be elected by popular vote. If the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) was enacted into law in November of 2016, President Hillary Clinton would be a reality.

Luckily we are over half way to enacting the NPVIC today - 11 states with 165 electoral votes have enacted the NPVIC into law and 12 additional states with 96 electoral votes passed the NPVIC in at least one house in the past. It has also been unanimously approved by committee in two states with 27 electoral votes.

The National Popular Vote bill does not eliminate the Electoral College or state control of elections. It does eliminate "swing states" forcing national parties to invest in speaking to voters in every state equally.

After the 2016 election it was more clear than ever that the original justification for an electoral college didn't happen. The electoral college was pitched as a protective mechanism against the "uniformed" masses that, when necessary, would protect the country from being led by a dangerous or harmful candidate. Yet last year those "informed" electoral delegates cast votes for a trust fund baby with not a day of experience as an elected official who is being controlled by the alt-right and Russia. Making it more evident than ever that the Electoral College was actually put in place to shut out non-white, non-landed citizens who were flocking to city centers in search of opportunity.

The electoral college failed. They had one job.

The NPVIC lets America try a different system, without dismanteling the old one. It's an opportunity to have elected leaders who reflect all of the people in the country, not just a few.

State by state, the people can reclaim their voice. That is what democracy looks like.
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