Resistance House Parties: July and August 2017


Welcome to summer!

With our values under attack in Washington there is a long road ahead for those of us who value equality, justice, and fairness. Here at home, state leaders put politics over people by abruptly adjourning the legislative session with hard fought legislation - from guaranteeing earned sick time, to disarming domestic abusers, to raising the minimum wage - left on the table.

At this critical time, it is more important than ever for communities like ours to make our voices heard here in Rhode Island. But getting involved shouldn’t just be about marches and phone calls. Let’s take a moment this summer to regroup and connect with those who live near us.

Come to a HOUSE PARTY!

At these house parties, we’ll talk shop, we’ll plan for the future, and -- and this is important -- we’ll also have a great time! We’ll drink, eat, and get to know each other, and set some goals to make sure our community and our state is headed in the right direction. We'll be joined by organizers from Planned Parenthood, Working Families Party, and the Sierra Club.

These parties will be hosted by members of the RHRI steering committee as well as people like you around the state. (We’re still looking for more hosts! Email if you can open your home to a small group of folks this summer!)