Seattle Mutual Aid: Neighborhood Pods!

As things get harder, we show up for our neighbors. That's why we're organizing neighborhood pods - hyper local mutual aid networks that will help us stay connected and take care of each other.

Neighborhood pods are self-organized, and anywhere from 5-30 people. Pods are formed when neighbors reach out to neighbors, checking in on what needs are arising on your block. They work together to respond to those needs (i.e. grocery delivery, checking in on elders, emotional support) and stay in touch with the point people from other neighborhoods for resource pooling. We are trying to build a network of many neighborhood pods across Seattle.

Use this map to join a mutual aid pod in your neighborhood! If there isn't already a pod near you click "Click to Host" to start one and become a neighborhood captain!

More information about becoming a neighborhood captain is here

Or send us an email at