May 7th: Shut Down Chase -- Day of Action!

Shut Down Chase -- Day of Action!  

WHAT: Shut Down Chase-- Day of Action!  
WHEN: Monday, May 7th, 2018
WHERE: Everywhere

Action is the answer to despair!  And we need more action!

We’re Calling on Friends and Allies to Join Us in Taking Action to Take on one of the Most Destructive Companies on the Planet. It’s time we #ShutDownChase!

JPMorgan Chase (JPMC) was already the biggest financier of extreme fossil fuels on Wall Street, but now the bank has doubled down, increasing its investments in devastating fossil fuels by over $4 billion last year. Chase is putting bankers’ bonuses ahead of supporting communities and the planet.

In 2017 Chase loaned $7 billion to tar sands corporations, over $2 billion to coal companies and $440 million to liquified natural gas companies. Not only is Chase ignoring the demands of the planet itself, but they are steamrolling the demands of their own shareholders. Chase is currently pleading with the SEC to allow them to block its own shareholders from introducing and voting on a resolution that would force the bank into completing a study into the financial, reputational and climate risks associated with its investments in tar sands. Meanwhile Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is putting out his own fake news by claiming to support the Paris Accord’s ambitions of keeping global temperature increases under 1.5°C.

JPMorgan Chase on Extreme Fossil Fuels (some of them!):

  • Tar Sands mining is one of the worst types of oil extraction for the climate, and has contaminated the drinking water and food sources of many First Nations peoples in Canada. JPMorgan Chase continues to fund dirty tar sands pipeline projects despite public opposition exposing Indigenous rights abuses. In the past year, JPMC quadrupled its financing of the sector!

  • The extraction, burning and waste disposal of coal remains one of the worst drivers of climate change, pollution and disastrous community health impacts. Since 2016, JPMC’s financing of coal mining has increased over 21 times despite commitments in 2015 to phase it out of the bank’s portfolio. That’s over 2,100%!

  • JPMC remains one of the top funders of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) as well. LNG has a huge carbon footprint as it’s shipped all over the world, and its export terminals can put at risk the health, safety, and livelihoods of nearby coastal communities.

The bottomline is that JPMorgan Chase is one of the most destructive businesses on the planet. That's why, we are calling for a National Day of Action on May 7th, when we will take our fight to JPMorgan Chase’s front door. JPMorgan Chase & its CEO Jamie Dimon are funding destruction to our communities, we need to stand up and show them we won't tolerate threats to our clean water, clean air, and our human rights as indigenous people.



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