Sign Up to Join the 2018 Year of Prayer for Cancer Alley!

Welcome to the site sign up page for the 2018 Year of Prayer for Cancer Alley. You can sign up your faith community up as a Year of Prayer Partner.

In the coming weeks we will be distributing toolkits on just how your congregation, synagogue, mosque or other gathering can get involved, whether it be through prayer, special intentions or events like our Opening Ceremony on January 27.

Why a Year of Prayer?  The communities along the Mississippi River are beautiful places. There is a palpable sense of history and of place. But these communities are under assault by the sickness and poverty brought by pollution. In this area pollution knows no boundaries, and white Tea Party supporters  are polluted along with industry workers and historic black communities.

The industries that perpetrate this pollution are powerful, but the communities’ faith is even more powerful. This Year of Prayer is a conscious effort to engage our faith in our work to change this abusive system. We are invoking the spirit and approach of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi. We seek to change hearts and souls.

How you can help: One of the assets of the communities in our region is our faith. Your support will add spiritual strength and will help us to spread this message: that communities along Cancer Alley have a vision to protect our families, our homes, our clean air and water.

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