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At Swing Left, we’re not afraid to try new approaches, so starting now, you can help get voters to the polls in current elections from anywhere by mail, via a new letter-writing program. Motivating voters this way is very effective. So, we’re introducing an innovative, proven tactic pioneered in 2018 that uses volunteer power to send personal letters—lots of letters— to potential voters in Super States across the country. You can make an impact in places like North Carolina, even if you live all the way in California.

Swing Left is partnering with our award-winning friends at Vote Forward to launch a series of letter writing parties to engage with voters in Super States, where their vote will make a difference in state, Federal, and Presidential campaigns. We’re asking volunteers to get their friends and neighbors together to write letters to potential voters in key states.

Our new Letter Writing Party program includes an easy-to-use address system, instructions and online trainings, and targeted lists of potential voters in Super States.

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