Swing Left Canvassing

Collecting commitment cards is the most effective way for us to make a tangible impact this summer. Studies show that getting voters to “commit” in advance can meaningfully increase turnout - one study showed a 3.8 percentage point effect on general election turnout! And collecting information from potential voters while we are at the doors will also help us craft effective messaging in advance of the 2018 elections.

We’ve made this simple with easy-to-use resources and comprehensive guides:

  • Simple maps that pinpoint neighborhoods estimated to have a high percentage of likely Democrats and a high percentage of unregistered eligible voters

  • An easy-to-use online tool that we built to collect electronically signed pledges from supporters, and record feedback from swing voters.


  • Organize your own event -- even if you have never done anything like this before! We will make sure you have all the information and training you need to prepare for a successful event. Go to the "Click to Host" button to create your event.


  • Find a house party happening near you. Enter your zip code in the top right corner of this page. If all the events in your area are full, organize an event yourself! You don’t need a ton of people to host your own event. Just ask a few friends to join you!

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