We Belong Together Kids

Join a solidarity event near you to show that families belong together!

In February, Leah and her friends urged local elected officials in Miami, Florida to protect immigrant families like hers from raids, deportations, and hate. But they gave into the Trump Administration and turned their backs on Leah and thousands of families like hers.    

Since local grown-ups wouldn’t stand up for them, Leah and her friends decided to take their message straight to Trump and his friends in Washington, DC.  On April 10th, Leah and dozens of other children from South Florida will board a bus to bring their message of hope and courage right to their backyard.  

In the week following the the kids’ journey, we’ll be partnering with We Belong Together to host Kids Actions in our own communities.  From coast to coast, we’ll call upon our elected leaders to stand strong against Trump’s bullying and say no to policies that threaten our kids, our communities, and our democracy.

By standing up for one another, Leah and her friends are leading the way towards a better future for all of us -- a world where all kids and families can thrive. It’s up to us to take action this month to ensure that our elected leaders heed their call.  

Thank you for joining Leah and her friends as they stand up for all of us.