2018 Open Borders Conference

Start: Saturday, October 20, 201812:00 PM

Join Free Migration Project this fall at the inaugural Open Borders Conference in the Washington, D.C., area. Complete event info is available here.

The one-day 2018 Open Borders Conference will be a space for activists, scholars, organizers, lawyers, students and members of the community to come together to learn what open borders might look like; why open borders would lead to dramatic increases in public safety, prosperity, and equality; and what it would mean to #AbolishICE.

Hear from keynote speakers Bryan Caplan and Lizbeth Mateo, who will be joined by other experts in a day-long dialogue on the theory and practice of open borders immigration policy.

Free Migration Project advocates for recognition of migration as a basic human right, and we support the growing movement to abolish immigration enforcement and open the borders.

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Philadelphia, PA