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Host Guidelines - Stop Oil Trains Week of Action: July 6 - 12, 2015

Step up and host an event in your community! Just follow the steps below to post your event. You’ll see everything else you need on the next page once you've posted your event.

We're here to help you, too! If have any questions, need technical support, or simply want to brainstorm any ideas for your event, don't be shy. Shoot us an email at hosts@forestethics.org.

--- Instructions for Setting Up an Event ---

TITLE: Name your event for the location where it will take place (e.g. “Stop Oil Trains in Detroit”).

TIME AND DATE: The week of action will take place July 6th through 12th. Choose a day and time that week that people in your community are likely to join.

LOCATION: Choose your location - public and visible places are best. IMPORTANT: Please use an actual street address to ensure your location displays correctly on the map.

DETAILS: We've included basic language to get you started. Please let people know if you will be bringing any materials (e.g. signs or candles) or if they should bring their own. We recommend you provide some if you can. Include any additional instructions for attendees. You can edit this later.

After creating your event, you'll see more detailed instructions and resources.

Again, we're here to help. Email any questions to hosts@forestethics.org.

The shorter and more descriptive, the better.
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