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Host Guidelines - Families Belong Together - We Demand Justice!

As the Trump Administration drags its heels on reuniting thousands of separated children with their parents, it's time we once again take action and demand a solution to this crisis and dignity for all immigrants. On July 28, we're stepping up to say Families Belong Together: We Demand Justice!

The format of the event is up to you. Should it be a march or rally or a community meeting? It's your call. But it needs to be focused around a few central demands (please note: these may shift slightly or be more fully fleshed out in the coming weeks)

1) We DEMAND that Congress create a position of a Director of Family Reunification who will oversee an interagency task force whose goal will be to reunify every family. Sign the petition to compel Congress to act: https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/congressionally-mandated-task-force-on-family-reunification?source=direct_link&

2) We DEMAND that families be provided with counseling and any other services they need in order to deal with the trauma that they have undergone at the hands of our government.

3) We DEMAND accountability from the administration and any agencies who perpetrated these human rights abuses.

The shorter and more descriptive, the better.
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