A World Beyond War--Is it Possible?

Start: January 19, 2019 9:00 AM

End: January 19, 201910:00 AM

Location:Meeting Room, Lakeside Center, Mennonite Village5353 Columbus St SE, Albany, OR 97322

Retired Navy Commander, Leah Bolger, currently the Chair of the Coordinating Committee of World BEYOND War, will discuss the need to end war, the myths of war, why World BEYOND War believes it is possible to end war,  and the blueprint they have to make it happen.  World BEYOND War seek to abolish the entire institution of war, not just the "hot" war of the day.  One of the biggest hurdles in ending the institution of war, is that many people do not believe it is possible.  The presentation will last approximately 40 minutes, followed by Q & A.