Advocate for privacy, freedom & innovation in tech at the EFF Pioneer Awards with Shahid for Change

Start: Thursday, September 12, 2019 8:30 PM

End: Thursday, September 12, 201910:30 PM

Advocate for privacy, freedom and innovation in the realm of information technology at the Electronic Frontier Foundation Pioneer Awards with Shahid for Change!

In attendance will be Oakland Privacy, an influential surveillance-fighting group which successfully worked to ban the use of facial recognition software by law enforcement in both San Francisco and Oakland, two of only three cities in the US to enact such a ban.

Two keynotes speakers will also be there to receive awards, including William Gibson -- the Hugo & Nebula Award-winning cyberpunk author of Neuromancer, a groundbreaking portrayal of an unforgiving high-tech future with heroes who resist corporate power by seizing the means of computation -- and Adam Savage, host and producer of MythBusters.
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San Francisco, CA