Take Our Power Back!

Start: Wednesday, June 02, 202110:00 AM

New York’s Democratic establishment is about to sign off on three straight years with no climate action, and the corporate polluters that bought them are celebrating.

Another year of poisoning New York's working class, Black and brown neighborhoods with North Brooklyn Pipelines and Astoria NRG Fracked Gas Plants. Another year New York making Joe Biden look like a hardened Green New Dealer in comparison. Another year of New York's future, bought and sold by fossil fuel billionaires.

We won’t let them. On June 2, NYC-DSA, our DSA For The City council Candidates, and DSA For The Many State Legislators are throwing the biggest DSA Green New Deal action in NYC history.

We need the Build Public Renewables Act to end corporate control of the energy system.
We need to fight like Adolfo, Alexa, Brandon, Jaslin, Michael, and Tiffany do to end corporate control of New York.
And we need to make it loud and clear that if we want a New York for all, there is no other choice.

So take the morning off, wear red, and make City Hall Park a sight New York will never forget. It's time to take our power back. Right here, right now.

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