AllofUs2016 DC Action Training

Start: September 25, 2016 4:00 PM


On Tuesday, September 20th, Paul Ryan had 12 millennials arrested. He chose to side with Donald Trump and the 50 years of dog-whistle racism that led to him. This is just the beginning.

Join #AllOfUs2016 in DC for an action training on Sunday afternoon (September 25) and then take action with us!

Donald Trump is not an aberration. He is the result of a politics of hate at the heart of the GOP's divide-and-conquer strategy. The GOP must apologize to our generation for the dog whistle racism that led to Trump and the inequality that we have had to live with.

Dog-whistle racism is the strategy of using code words that signify racism to win elections and push racist policies without explicitly mentioning race. They talk about how people of color are “welfare queens,” and “thugs,” and “takers” to trigger racial bias in white voters. Dog-whistle politics has been used by GOP leaders from Ronald Reagan to Paul Ryan to divide the American people from each other, so they can divert more of our wealth and power to the corrupt billionaires of the ruling class.

Young people are going to fight to make America a beloved community in which each person is valued and respected, where we share each other’s gifts and carry each other’s burdens. Together, we can build an America for all of us -- for the first time in our history.

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