Antimilitarist Roots - WRI 2023 Conference

Start: Thursday, June 15, 202312:00 AM

This event is organized by War Resisters' International.

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The War Resisters' International network is preparing to gather in London, in June 2023 - we hope you will join us for our conference Antimilitarist Roots: nonviolent resistance for a world in crisis. The event will bring activists together to discuss the future of our grassroots movements, build allyship internationally, and respond to the challenges we face in our militarised world.

This webpage is to share some preliminary information about the event - the dates, venue, and other key details. At the bottom of the page is a form to indicate your interest in the event.

Please do not book any travel or accommodation yet - we will send a full registration form in early 2023, and this will be the indication to start booking travel and accommodation.

Please use the form at the bottom of this page to register your interest in the event. This will help us to plan effectively.


  • Thursday 15th June: internal WRI meetings
  • Friday 16th to Sunday 18th June: Antimilitarist Roots conference
  • Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th June: internal WRI meetings

The conference

In June 2023 activists, trainers, organisers, researchers and writers will gather together in London, to join us for a participatory conference exploring the future of the global peace movement. The Antimilitarist Roots: nonviolent resistance for a world in crisis conference will offer participants the opportunity to explore the challenges and opportunities that our movements face, and to discuss with friends and allies the best way to respond.

The conference will offer the opportunity for individuals from a wide range of organisations, backgrounds, and movements to enter into dialogue, exchange ideas, and build solidarity. Together we will explore the deep intersections between militarism and other “issues” (such as climate change), with a specific focus on our role as activists and organisers.

The conference will run over three days, with a strongly participatory design methodology. Each day will have a slightly different focus, framed around a key question:

  • Day 1: What do I do, what are we good at, what do we still need to learn?
  • Day 2: How is militarism experienced today?
  • Day 3: What sort of movements do we need today and in the future?

WRI meetings

Before and after the conference we will hold WRI Assembly and Council meetings. These will take place at Friends House in Euston, on Thursday 15th June, and Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th June. More information will be shared with the WRI network about these meetings in early 2023. The meetings are open to observers, and to friends and allies of the WRI network who are not formal members.

Practical information


The event will take place at the Amnesty International Human Rights Action Centre in London, on Friday 16th to Sunday 18th June. A vegetarian lunch will be available. The Action Centre is a fully accessible venue.


WRI staff will make a list of accommodation options within a short travel distance of the venue available in 2023. Some people may be able to stay with WRI members in London - we are working now to find out if this is possible.

You are of course welcome to find your own accommodation in London.


The WRI staff team are working hard to cover many of the direct costs of the conference with grant funding. To support this, we will also set a "sliding scale" fee for the conference and the WRI meetings. We are still calculating exactly what this fee will be.

As a rough indication, we will request participants pay:


  • Full price (for large or well funded organisations): £50-75
  • Conference fees (for smaller, grassroots organisations): £30
  • Reduced rate (heavily subsidised): £10


  • Meeting fees (full price - for large or well funded organisations): £50
  • Meetings fees (for smaller, grassroots organisations): £30
  • Reduced rate (heavily subsidised): £10
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