Argumentative Research Paper Topics

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If you are an academic, then you probably know that writing an argument research paper is quite hard as well choosing argumentative research paper topics. Therefore you need to write it properly in order to secure a good grade. So, what’s the procedure of writing a perfect argumentative paper? The best way is to follow the steps listed below.

First, you should need to become an expert in the subject you will be writing the argumentative paper on. This means you have to do considerable research in order to know the ins and outs of the subject matter that you will be debating on. According to the scientists from the site "", most argument paper topics are centered on controversial topics which you will have to justify. This means the audience will have their own views on the points you raise. Therefore it’s important to make them understand what you are trying to prove. Otherwise you cannot win with your essay presentation.

Different times present different argumentative paper topics. Currently if you want to make any headway with your argumentative paper you should choose topics in hot topics such as capital punishment, abortion, freedom of speech and gun control. The hottest argumentative research paper topic amongst all is euthanasia which has generated so much debate that it’s hard to win no matter what you write. The best thing is to stay away such current, unanswerable and un-winnable argumentative research paper topics. So, how do you choose argumentative research paper topics?

Select Argumentative Research Paper Topics

The first step is to choose a simple but well defined argument term paper topic that can be reasonably debated for an hour. Your argument paper topic should cover a maximum of six pages. Remember, the professors have heard or taken part in many debates therefore it’s very hard to pull a surprise. To get good argument paper topics that are ranging on currently, you should listen to the radio at least for an hour. Radio live will also give you access to some of the topics that are currently making news headlines.

It’s good to pick topics for argumentative papers with at least two points of view. These points of view should be easily accessible for presentation in the argument paper. It also important to establish whether both points of view are logical or valid. For instance a view point presented by cults does not qualify as a valid therefore its not acceptable. You should try to present both points of view in an argumentative paper but make sure you present your points as the most appropriate. This means proper proof or evidence must be included in the argumentative paper. Remember, even though the view points are personal, you should refrain from using first person in your argumentative paper.

Present Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Once you have established the best argumentative paper topics, the next step is to get your writing ready, and the third step involves presentation. In general, argumentative papers are presented in two main ways, the analytical and the argumentative approach to research papers. In this case you will be using the argumentative approach to present the research paper topics. This means you have to take a firm stance that shows you are in favor of one side in the argument. This also means you deal only with facts in your argumentative paper. Finally, you have to ensure that you leave your readers fully convinced that your view to the argumentative paper topic is valid. Now you know how to write argumentative paper that will fit all your academic needs.

How Instagram and Twitter Can Help You Study for a Test

In most cases, social networks are terrible distractions. Checking your friends’ statuses, vacation pics and funny cat videos takes too much time. However, there’s a bright side of social media. Here’s how Instagram and Twitter can help you study for a test.

Instagram for Academic Purposes

Of course, you know how to use the hashtags magic. And here are some really good ideas for you to get the maximum from Instagram when you study for a test. One of the most important rules is to revise your work a lot of times.    

  • Motivation #nevergiveup  
  • moral support #upallnight  
  • practical hints #schoolwork  
  • study hacks #english  
  • flashcards and notes.

And of course, you can always take an Instagram break to make a selfie with your towers of books.  

Twitter for Studying for a Test

It clears out that Twitter can be used for the following educational purposes:    

  • self-education #didyouknow  
  • life hacks #howto  
  • study tips #betterlearning  
  • tips for ESL students #bilingual  
  • special chats #mathchat #litchat

If, however, you want to use Twitter for a short break, it can be good for motivation. Short tweets can receive many responses of your friends trying to encourage you.  

Best Academic Hashtags

And some more valuable hashtags that will do you more good than harm if you get stuck with social media but have to study for a test:    

  • #highered  
  • #academia  
  • #edresearch  
  • #PhDForum  
  • #edtools  
  • #elearning  
  • #ReadWriteChat  
  • #students  
  • #studyfun  
  • #bettercollege  
  • #betterlearning

Of course, this is only an incomplete list of the ways hashtags can make your college life easier. Feel free to create your own hashtags, use the search option to the fullest and change your attitude. Social media can be a tool for learning, instead of an excuse for procrastinating.

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