Low-Wage Economy Exposed: Atlanta Workers Speakout!

Start: Thursday, October 16, 2014 7:00 PM

In Atlanta, we workers will gather to speak out about the low-wages, the tough working conditions, and the lack of respect at our jobs, but also our dreams, our hopes, and our vision for a better future.

We invite all with under paying jobs to join us. We will come together from different community groups, workplaces, and unions to fight together to change our economy and our communities.


Low-wage jobs have become the norm in Atlanta and across our nation. As our economy rebuilds after the economic collapse in 2008 caused by the big banks, low-wage service sector jobs are the majority of jobs being created with more Americans relying on these jobs to make a living. Its getting harder and harder to get by working these jobs due to their low-wages, lack of benefits, poor job security, short hours, and irregular schedules.

Every that goes by we workers in low-wage jobs are struggling to put food on the table, pay rent, afford transportation, and access healthcare. Our people are losing their homes, their cars, their health, and even in some extreme cases their lives, working on starvation wages. All while our corporate bosses of companies like Walmart, McDonalds, Gap, Target, Starbucks, and several others reap billions of dollars in profits and bonuses on the backs of we workers plus our families and our communities.

Enough is enough, we are worth more and we demand more! Corporate America needs to be held accountable and we the workers are the only ones who can make them. Make them pay for the exploitation and inhuman treatment that has caused us much stress and suffering all for their limitless quest for greed and profit. We are standing up fighting for a fair economy with jobs with justice for all. We won't stop fighting until our rights are respected, we are treated with dignity, and we are paid a decent living wage.