Attend the PAR Winter 2020 Meeting with Grow The Richmond

Start: Wednesday, February 19, 2020 7:00 PM

End: Wednesday, February 19, 2020 9:00 PM

Grow The Richmond strongly encourages Richmond District YIMBYs to attend this quarterly meeting of PAR. The below is from their president, Kate Lazarus:


The Planning Association for the Richmond will hold our winter general meeting on Wednesday, February 19, 7pm, at the Richmond Recreation Center (251 18th Ave between Clement and California).
We will host speakers on a number of the initiatives that will appear on the San Francisco March ballot, including Prop A (city college bond), Prop B (earthquake safety bond), Prop D (storefront vacancy tax), and Prop E (restrictions on office development).

All are welcome. We hope to see you there!

Please also enjoy our winter newsletter, available here:

Read about the new Planning Development Area for the Richmond, the new Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy CEO and President, art at George Washington High School, and more.

Visit our website,, for information about PAR and the Richmond. You can also renew your membership there, using the "Join PAR via Paypal" link on the right.
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