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Protect DACA | August 15 | Planning Guide
August 15 of 2017 will be a day to take action with immigrants and allies from all over the country to protect DACA. August 15 is the anniversary when the first DACA application was ever released, and ever since that day, the lives of nearly 1 million people have changed thanks to DACA.

Join millions to stand up for the values of love, resilience, and unity. We are #HereToStay and will not be moved.

Who is organizing for August 15? August 15 is a day for everyone, including you and your organization! United We Dream has begun organizing August 15 and we invite you to join us. Can we count on you to mobilize too?

Where will the August 15 mobilizations happen? There will be mobilizations in Washington, DC and other cities throughout the country. Visit: http://DefendDACA.com to see if an action is being planned in your community, or to share details of what your organization is planning.

How can I plan a mobilization? Refer to the attached checklist as you begin planning the mobilization in your community for August 15. Engage with local partners and allied organizations to see what makes the most sense in your locality, based on capacity, political climate, weather, etc. Some ideas for actions are listed below.
* March to City Hall, State Capitol, or another significant landmark
* Outdoor Rally in a public space
* Indoor Rally in a Church, School, Community Center, other building or institution
* Prayer Vigil in front of City Hall, State Capitol, or other significant landmark
* Musical, cultural, or spoken word performance
* Press conference
* Prayer breakfast
* Town Hall

Some general planning tips include:
* Invite local elected officials
* Partner with allied organizations
* Look for intersections and engage authentically in the community (with the Movement for Black Lives, labor unions, religious groups, women’s rights organizations, etc.)
* Plan a program that highlights the stories of immigrants, Muslims, and refugees
* Include a strong call to action for participants to get involved in the community
* Customize your event to what resonates in your community! Be creative!

More questions? Send an email to Eli Cuna (eli@unitedwedream.org)

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