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Taking local congressional action isn't rocket science; it’s Civics 101. In the Indivisible Guide, we describe a couple types of simple in-person tactics you can use to make your Members of Congress listen (but feel free to get creative and think up more!):

1. Public Events. If your Member of Congress is hosting a town hall or attending a public event, use this tool to coordinate your group’s attendance. If they’re not hosting any public events, use the tool to set up your own--just be sure to invite them and the local press.
2. District Office Visits. Every Member of Congress has local, publicly-accessible district offices--there’s probably one nearby you! Indivisible groups across the country have already been showing up at these offices to make their voices heard.

By registering an action, you're committing to these three principles:
1. Opposition to Trump's agenda
2. Local advocacy focused on your own Members of Congress
3. Progressive values (modeling inclusion, respect, fairness, and non-violence)

We may connect you with other state organizers from partner organizations to facilitate coordination and planning. This platform is not intended for electioneering or use by a political party.

The shorter and more descriptive, the better.
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