Barbie Screening Party (by SocFem and NOVA)

Start: Saturday, August 12, 2023 1:50 PM

Central image is the Socialist Feminist Section logo of three femme people facing to the left, holding a long rose in their left hands with their right fists in the air, overlaid over a bright, sparkly pink rose floating in a sky blue background. Over the

These Barbies ARE socialist feminists!!

Join the Socialist Feminist Section and NoVA Branch Steering for a viewing party of 'Barbie'! Join us at the AMC Courthouse Plaza 8 on Saturday, August 12th for the 1:50pm viewing of Barbie so we can all watch together, then we will head over the Rhodeside together to discuss and hangout after.

Buy tickets here:

If you can't join for the viewing but don't mind some Barbie spoilers, feel free to join us at Rhodeside after.