Behind the greenwash: how corporate advertising damages our human rights and environment

Start: Tuesday, October 19, 2021 5:30 PM British Summer Time (GMT+01:00)

End: Tuesday, October 19, 2021 6:45 PM British Summer Time (GMT+01:00)

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More and more people are waking up to the colossal damage being driven by consumerism. We are realising that behind the glossy facade, advertising has profound and far-reaching consequences for our individual, collective and planetary health. This online panel session, with Q&A, will look at how advertising and consumerism drive climate change, damage the environment and violate human rights in multiple ways: from promoting excessive consumption, to pushing junk food to children. We will explore how international human rights law gives us the tools to fight back. And we will hear from campaigners who are challenging the power of corporate consumerism, and instead telling a different story.

Event speakers:

Elizabeth Harrop is a human rights consultant and author of 'At What Cost – The impacts of advertising and consumerism on human, community and planetary well-being. How to use international law to challenge human rights violations and climate impacts, caused by excessive consumption and advertising.'

Anna Bryher is Director of Advocacy at Labour Behind the Label, campaigning for the rights of garment workers around the world. LBL have exposed the reality behind fast fashion brand Boohoo’s glossy advertising, their lack of transparency and worker exploitation.

Robert Noyes is a Campaigner and Researcher at Platform, co-ordinating UK Divest – a nationwide campaign to end fossil fuel finance and build the movement for a fossil free world.

Charlotte Gage (chair) is National Coordinator at Adfree Cities, a growing network of groups collaborating to resist advertising. Corporate outdoor advertising drives unsustainable consumption and harms our wellbeing. Adfree Cities supports creative, community-led opposition and alternatives, to make space for what we really need to thrive.

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