Trip to Flip NY24 /Last Weekend [4 days] for Dana Balter in Syracuse

Start: Saturday, November 03, 2018 7:00 AM

End: Tuesday, November 06, 201810:00 PM

We'll be spending Saturday, Nov. 3 through Election Day in Syracuse to work with Dana Balter's campaign to Get Out the Vote in these crucial last days. This is a real toss up and every vote we can get out will make a difference. We'll be taking an early Amtrak train from Penn Station to Syracuse and will be staying over in an inexpensive motel which we'll have a block of rooms reserved [you'll need to pay your own way though] as well as free spots for those wanting to stay in homes of local activists. If you prefer to fly you can meet us at the Motel Saturday afternoon. We'll have things planned for evenings and rest time in fun places. Swing Lefters from Boston will be joining us. Bring your friends and make it a holiday!