BoycottPuma Round Two: Second Global Day of Action.

Start: Saturday, October 26, 2019 2:00 PM

The Day of Action kicks off in Galway at a sports shop in the city. As human rights activists we will protest PUMA inside a retail outlet, urging shoppers to boycott Puma until the company stops supporting Israeli apartheid. Puma sponsors the Israel Football Assoc, which includes teams in illegal Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land.

We will be making a banner to unfurl, each person is asked to hold a poster/placard, and we will deliver a letter to the staff and management of the shop explaining the action, and hand-out fliers to shoppers. Ideally we also have someone to photograph/video the flash action. We will not occupy the shop floor as we are not looking to cause trouble or get arrested, just to draw attention to the issue. We will leave the premises when asked and then hold a display outside for the public.

We need at least 6 people to carry this off.

*If you can get the banner/posters/letters/fliers ready please do volunteer.

*If you can commit to attend & participate in the action on the day please reply to this email.

*If you can offer to photograph/video the action please let us know.

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