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Host Guidelines - Keystone XL Rejection Rallies

We did it, now let's celebrate! Host a Keystone XL Rejection Rally in your area and help celebrate the power, passion, and sacrifice that enabled this victory over the Keystone XL pipeline. Hosting your event here is super easy, will allow folks to find your event online, and will let national and local groups promote your rally.

Once you create your event, the rally organizing team will promote your event to allies and groups, as well as provide signs for printing, chant ideas, draft press advisories and releases, and media tips. You will have access to all your RSVP information so you can send reminders and be in touch leading up the the event, as well as contact them afterwards for next steps.

If you need help organizing or have any questions about the events, contact Peter Molof at nokxlassist@gmail.com or 971-295-0887.

The shorter and more descriptive, the better.
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