CalGEM Do your Job! No More Leaking Wells!

Start: Wednesday, July 13, 202212:00 PM

Action in Solidarity with Bakersfield Communities Dealing with Dozens of Wells Leaking Explosive Methane

Whistleblowers at CalGEM, the agency tasked with regulating oil and gas extraction, recently leaked to the press that staff have been pressured into doing "desk inspections", and have not been properly inspecting wells in person for years. Meanwhile, over 30 wells have been found leaking in the Bakersfield area, close to homes. The more we look, the more we find.

On Wednesday July 13th, we will gather at the Natural Resources Agency HQ building to demand the regulators do their jobs, get out of their desks and go inspect these wells for the public's safety, and calling on Gov Newsom and Wade Crowfoot to implement a safety buffer of 3,200 feet between wells and homes, schools, hospitals and other sensitive uses.

What: Demand safety from Oil and Gas wells

Where: Gather at FDR Park - (1615 9th St.) and then we will march to CalGEM offices (715 P St.)

When: Wednesday July 13th, at 12:00 (with a short march to CalGEM offices at 12:30)

Who: You! And please bring your friends, community, and networks.

Why: Because CalGEM is failing to do their job and not regulating the fossil fuel industry.