Start: Saturday, September 15, 201812:00 PM

End: Saturday, September 15, 2018 2:00 PM

Our Salish Sea is under assault. The Southern Resident Orcas are threatened and dying. Fossil fuel projects and accelerating human activity and development are contributing to pollution, climate change and ocean acidification.  On September 15th, please join us for a powerful Salish Sea Day of Action event.  Hear what you can do to help stop the Whale's decline. What we do to the water, we do to you and me.

We all witnessed the recent tragedy in the Salish Sea. The first baby Orca to be born in three years died shortly after birth. For 17 days her mother, Tahlequah, carried her around the Salish Sea.   Meanwhile another struggling young female Orca from the same pod has been losing a frightening amount of weight. Born three years ago, she had a difficult birth and came out scarred, earning herself the name Scarlet.

The chief threats to orcas are their depleted food supply as a result of overfishing of Chinook salmon, pollution and human encroachment which threatens their natural habitat. We are at a critical moment for our orcas and salmon stocks.

Pender Island is surrounded by the Salish Sea. Pender Ocean Defenders (POD) is a group of Penderites and Friends who are active defenders of our ecosystems and wildlife and supporters of the movement towards green energy. Join us September 15th from noon to 2PM at the Pender Community Hall after the Farmers Market to celebrate our unique and special ecosystem and hear Pender Island experts in the biological and legal challenges facing the marine and terrestrial inhabitants of our archipelago. Hear the stories of the Pender Residents who were arrested trying to prevent the expansion of the Kinder Morgan pipeline.  

Our local community is joining other communities around the bioregion to build broader awareness and advocacy around protection for our Sacred Sea and all living creatures.    While the sea itself may separate us physically, we are uniting to face these growing threats together.  #WeAretheWater