Canberra - Rise up for Climate!

Start: Saturday, September 08, 201811:00 AM


Fancy Dress Photo Shoot

Saturday 8 September, 11.00 am, Parliament House Lawns Global Day of Action

Science hasn’t worked, so let’s wake up our federal politicians to action on climate change using comedy and satire!

  • Join us for a Photo Shoot as our federal dinosaurs shuffle around a giant lump of coal, while the Turnbull/Abbott/Adani puppets look on.

  • Dress up to present your message to politicians. A character from a fairy tale, film, comic book or pop culture- the choice is yours.

  • Vox Populi: Make a ten second speech where you give your message on climate change to politicians, or make a written sign, or do both. This will be filmed.

Mary, Mary- “I love my garden, but right now I’m very contrary. How will my garden grow if they give all that water to massive coal mines?”

Nemo- “This hot water is killing me! Don’t burn any more fossil fuels, please!”

Koala- “The climate needs old growth forests- and so do I. I can’t live in pine plantations. Stop destroying the forests!”

  • Bring a blanket to sit on, and maybe some goodies to share with your friends. First Prize for best message and Second Prize for best costume.

A group jump at the end as we all rise up for Climate!