Canvassing and Phone Bank Training for Volunteers

Start: April 28, 201810:00 AM

End: April 28, 201812:00 PM

To create a Blue Wave in Ohio in 2018 we will need more than just social media power. We'll need to get into the streets of Southwest Ohio, stumping for progressive candidates up and down the ballot.

2017 elections in Virginia and the election of a Democrat in a deep red Congressional District in Pennsylvania are proof of the power of voter contact in the Age of Resistance.

We canvass and phone bank to energize our base, persuade voters on the fence, and Get Out The Vote.

It's easy, and fun, and with a couple hours training anyone can learn to do it confidently and effectively.

Your Instructor: Colleen Reynolds, Director of Communications & Community Affairs for Councilmember PG Sittenfeld and expert in voter contact.

Space is limited. Please visit our Facebook page for more information and events.

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Cincinnati, OH