Refuse Fascism Cleveland

We are the Cleveland Chapter of, a movement of people coming from diverse perspectives, united in our recognition that the Trump/Pence Regime poses a catastrophic danger to humanity and the planet, and that it is our responsibility to drive them from power through non-violent protests that grow every day until our demand is met. This means working and organizing with all our creativity and determination to bring thousands, eventually millions of people into the streets of cities and towns, to demand:

This Nightmare Must End:
The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go! welcomes individuals and organizations from many different points of view who share our determination to refuse to accept a fascist America, to join and/or partner with us in this great cause.


> > > > > was initiated on an emergency basis in the wake of the election of Donald Trump. Recognizing the fascist character and danger of the looming Trump/Pence Regime, we issued a “Call to Action” which begins:

“NO! In the Name of Humanity – We REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America!

“We recognize that the Trump/Pence Regime is illegitimate because it is fascist, that fascism must be stopped before it is too late, and that this means that the masses of people in their millions must be led to rise up and drive it from power.”

Every political protest, every public program, every media appearance, every tweet and Facebook post, all the funds we raise, and every effort we make is to contribute to that goal. We do this not just for ourselves, but in the name of humanity.

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