Climate Jobs Guarantee for Margaret River Launch Party

Start: Saturday, August 20, 2022 3:00 PM

With the election of a new Labor government, we have an incredible opportunity to fight for the ambitious climate solutions our generation deserves.  

We know that it will take a bold and transformative plan to match up to the scale of the climate, jobs and housing crisis- that's why we're campaigning to win a Climate Jobs Guarantee in our community. The government could create thousands of good jobs doing all the work building a sustainable and caring society. But they won't do it without mass public pressure.

Join us at this launch party to get involved with the campaign. We'll talk more about what climate jobs for our community could look like, how we can build support for this campaign, and win these big solutions from the new government.

Note: We are trying to organise folks under 35 so we ask that folks only under 35 attend. If you are over 35 and want to help out - please get in contact.

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