Climate March and "The True Cost" Film Showing

Start: Sunday, April 30, 201711:00 AM

Participate in a People's Climate March followed by a documentary film showing about a lifestyle change you can make to help stop climate change, environmental destruction, and extinction, as well as improve workers' lives.

11am - Meet at the library entrance and start the climate march

1pm - Watch the film inside the library

Attend one or both events.

Improve climate, jobs, and justice -- they're related.

There will be speakers after the film, such as local Synergy Organic Clothing. They will talk about alternative clothing production models, the destructiveness of conventional cotton production, and where you can buy clothes that create better lives rather than destroy them.

While conventional agriculture can actually add more greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, organic agriculture can help to sequester them in the soil -- without applying harmful biocides that can drift and run off from farmland.

Some large environmental groups have a march on April 29, so we scheduled ours on April 30 to not conflict with their plans.

Documentary website: