#ClimateJobsGuarantee day of action - Wollongong

Start: Tuesday, May 04, 2021 9:00 AM

On May 4th, young people all over the country will take bold action demanding our leaders act at the scale and speed necessary to address the crises we face.

We are demanding a Climate Jobs Guarantee: a transformative plan that would create thousands of good jobs and address the climate crisis.
But Labor's current climate policy falls a long way short of what we need to have good jobs and a safe climate. Our future is at stake, and this isn't good enough.
In the lead up to the next federal election, we're going to show our leaders that we're ready to fight for a plan that matches the urgency of the crisis.
We will rally outside Stephen Jones MP's office to ask him, which side are you on: big business or the people?
Our political leaders will not implement a visionary plan for climate and jobs unless there is a groundswell of people demanding it. Winning a fair future for all is going to take all of us.
Will you join us for the #ClimateJobsGuarantee national Day of Action?
This event will take place on stolen Dharawal land that was never ceded, and on which the struggle for justice for Aboriginal people continues today.
We stand in solidarity with First Nations communities across the continent and pay respects to elders past, present and emerging.
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