Close The Camps: Oklahoma

Start: Saturday, July 20, 201911:00 AM

Large numbers of immigrants and refugees are being held captive in Trump’s concentration camps. Being denied basic necessities like soap, or a toothbrush. Being denied medication to the point of death.

This is happening Moments like this are critical for allyship from citizens. We're asking citizens to protest at ICE offices and city halls to show Trump, his deportation force, and Congress that we are watching and we demand the defunding of detentions and deportations. The time to unite is now.

We will not allow ICE agents to terrorize our neighbors, friends and family members any longer. We must march, take the streets, and demand to CLOSE the concentration camps and RELEASE all people detained. Let our people go!

Join us as we rally in front of one of Trump's Concentration Camps and demand all camps be closed.