Conference: Why We Need Peace to Survive

Start: Saturday, November 10, 201810:00 AM

End: Saturday, November 10, 2018 3:00 PM

Join the CT Peace & Solidarity Coalition for a conference on November 10 on "Why We Need Peace to Survive: Developing a Connecticut Strategy for Demilitarization."

The reality is that war makes us less safe, erodes our civil liberties, pollutes the environment, and is a leading contributor to the global climate crisis. The U.S. spends $1 trillion annually on war and ongoing preparations for war, draining our society of badly needed funding for job creation, clean water, education, healthcare, renewable energy, and so much more. Connect with fellow activists, and hear from leading experts and educators about the strategies needed to move us towards a world beyond war!

Featuring talks by:

  • Maurice Carney, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Friends of the Congo
  • Summer Nasser, Chairperson of Yemen Aid
  • Wayne Coste, HopeOutLoud
  • Marc Eliot Stein, Coordinating Committee Member of World BEYOND War
  • Joe Wasserman, Hartford-based peace activist, community organizer, and planning committee member for the annual Hiroshima Nagasaki Remembrance Ceremony

Sponsored by:

CT Peace & Solidarity Coalition
Greater New Haven Peace Council
Congress of CT Community Colleges (4C’s/SEIU)
Hope Out Loud
Connecticut Coalition for Peace and Justice (CCPJ)
No Nukes – No War
World BEYOND War

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