Congress: Time's Up! Declare Climate Emergency Now

Start: Tuesday, July 23, 2019 5:30 PM


We knew this was going to happen. Once again, Congress has dropped the ball on the climate crisis.

On July 9th, while we were rallying outside the Capitol, Congress decided to send Bernie and AOC’s climate emergency resolution to committee. Several dozen cosponsors signed on. And then…. Nothing happened. Nobody is paying attention. Frank Pallone, the Energy and Commerce committee chair, hasn’t committed to bring the resolution up for debate.

It’s clear that Congress is not taking this resolution seriously. Instead of moving at emergency speed as the situation demands, they’re dragging their feet. Instead of treating global heating as an existential threat to our entire civilization, they put the climate crisis on the backburner, treating it as no more important than a resolution to rename a post office. Once again, Congress has miserably failed to do what is necessary to protect us.

We know that the truth is the first real step to substantive climate action. A nonbinding resolution acknowledging the scientific consensus on the severity of the climate crisis is the simplest demand we could have made of Congress. But our elected leaders failed at even this miniscule step in the right direction.

XRDC was prepared for this turn of events. We don’t have faith in our political system to do what needs to be done. And now, we have a team of brave activists who are ready to disrupt Congress like it’s never been disrupted before. We know that the only way to create change in this country is through the power of the people. We’re about to bring that power to Congress in a way that cannot be ignored.

Join XRDC on July 23rd as we take nonviolent disruptive action to demand that Congress tell the truth and declare a climate emergency. It is imperative that we show public support to demonstrate that the people of the United States demand that Congress wake up and tell the truth about the climate emergency. Please do whatever you can to attend this event - we need you!

We’re making progress in this fight. But we’re lightyears away from where we need to be. The only way we can make progress is through putting our bodies on the line and disrupting business-as-usual. The climate emergency is real, and if we don’t make radical changes soon, it will be too late. Let’s create the change we want to see.

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