Create your Festival of Love and Rage! WORKSHOP 15th Nov

Start: Sunday, November 15, 202010:00 AM

End: Sunday, November 15, 2020 4:00 PM


The Festival of Love and Rage on the Malcolm St Bridge is coming soon - 27th November will be a day to celebrate the things we love about our world, and to rage and defy the systems that are killing it! If you haven't signed up yet, please do that here:

This is a civil disobedience action with a difference - focussing on disruption with vibrancy, diversity, love. We will change things around - instead of being 'consumers' we will be 'producers' of performances, arts, speeches, food - you name it! Instead of buying tickets to a Festival, we will all bring something, big or small. It might be a photo of a grandchild in your wallet - Love. It might be a massive theatrical performance of the world's path to destruction - Rage.

What will you bring to the Festival of Love and Rage?

In the lead up to the Festival we are hosting two important, fun and empowering workshops. All are invited to come and contribute - and all are needed!

Workshop Agenda

10am - 11am: Introduction to Extinction Rebellion - our aims, Principles and Values and Action Consensus

11:15am: Briefing of the Festival of Love and Rage: Objectives, timeline, basic structure.

11:45am: Description of volunteer roles required to support the Festival - gather names/hands up volunteers for these.

- Crowd Marshalls

- Legal Observers

- Wellbeing Supporters

- Transporters

- Outreachers

- Arrestee Supporters

- For everyone else - brainstorm of ideas to form groups around (e.g. flag-makers, banner-makers, action groups, drumming groups, performance, speeches - what are your ideas to make a fun, vibrant and impactful Festival?)

12:30pm: break for lunch (BYO)

1:00pm: Group work as above - get to know each other, make plans to meet again, link up contact details, allocate roles or tasks - or just get busy straight away on your group's idea! Training for the volunteer roles above is being organised and may happen in this timeslot or the following week - updates coming.

With Love and Rage!